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Unigons X Bamboo-Bob
Distilling Greatness

Change Your Coffee,
Change the World 

Last year, we sent out 300 mugs, motivating our influential community to Stay Thirsty and Make a Difference. It was a special AR mug that activated 4 different digital festive brews throughout 2022.

This new year, we offer to fill our community's mugs with something flavourful and fulfilling. In fact, we left many subtle clues in our mug design last year. If you look closely, you will be able to see the decorative coffee beans on the mug. And yes, that's what we want to share with you in the coming new year.

Unigons partners with Bamboo-Bob Coffee, a new social impact Vietnamese brand, to create social awareness to support "Direct Trade Coffee" with our audience. All the items in this eco-gift box are sourced directly from farmers and craftsmen in Vietnam.

By supporting "Direct Trade Coffee", all proceeds from these gifts will be given directly to the farmers so that the food farmers receive better and fairer income for their hard work, helping their families, the communities, and the environment.
If you enjoy this pack of coffee, you can make a big difference in the community that grows it by making a purchase* here for your home or your office. Change your coffee, change the world.

Start distilling greatness today.
Toast to a great 2023!

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Gift with Purpose
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